Tiny apartment renovation

We have recently finished a renovation of one bedroom apartment. We went to our client to Poland to complete that job.


Renovation of an apartment in Artane

This was a small budget project. The owners wanted to refresh the apartment. We painted the bedroom bathroom, and will soon be coming back to paint the living room. In the meantime, we can show you what a difference adding one colour made to the look and feel of these two rooms. The owner decided to go monochromatic and add  a little bit of grey to  the white walls in his bedroom and bathroom. This was a smart move as it required only one 5l bucket of the grey paint. The rest of walls was painted in white. At the end, a few additional touches like re-painting  laundry baskets in the bathroom (project available here) , or adding a new headboard (check an old door turned into a headboard project) and the apartment looks competely differnt.

It is a terrible feeling, when you are robbed and your tools are stolen.. especially, when they are necessary for one to be able to work..

It is a truly terrible feeling to be a victim of crime – any this kind of experience leaves you very vulnerable.

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This morning we meant to go to one of the clients and finish the work but unfortunately,  we couldn’t.  Someone broke into our van last night, smashed windows and stole many tools and materials that we had ready for today’s work. Anything that they were able to take through the broken window is missing.  These are only things, but these things are necessary for us to be able to work. It is a truly terrible feeling to be a victim of crime – any this kind of experience leaves you very vulnerable. Gardai are investigating this case – there were CCTV cameras around and they will be checking the footage. Being completely honest, we do not have huge hopes – these crooks probably had fake plates and  got rid of everything by now.  But who knows – unbelievable things happen sometimes,  so maybe these thieves and vandals will be found. Especially because this is not the first incident of this kind in our, until recently very safe and quite,  estate. (This happened in Artane, Dublin 5, nd this is a third time over the next few days that something disturbing happens in our estate. It is worrying:(

For those of you who are in business,or  shop online,or  go to the flea markets – if you come across the below tools for sale (of course used) they might be mine. Don’t be afraid to call Gardai, as these thieves can steal from you next time.

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Bathroom renovation north Dublin

Really small place but turned out great. We did a very similar project for our client abroad. A client in north Dublin liked  the bathroom design so much, that we have replicated that bathroom for him. Even the dimensions of the room itself were really similar.