Attic Convertions


We offer attic conversions and loft conversions in the Dublin area.
Your attic conversion will be professionally managed and built within six-eight weeks. Dublin Renovations meets the growing market for homeowners who not only want to realise the potential spaces within their existing homes, but also make choices based on their desires to create unique and aesthetically pleasing interiors.
Our aesthetically driven loft conversion process aims to open up your horizons to new design potential, working in harmony with the characteristics of the property and clients’ personal tastes. We put particular emphasis on creating light, spacious attic conversions.
Our builders are registered carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc. We take care of the converting your attic space, insulating the roof, plastering your attic walls, painting the walls and fitting the attic kitchen or attic bathroom. If you are planning to convert an attic including attic bedroom conversion contact Dublin Renovations. W
e also install the attic stairs and do all the required carpenty work. All conversions are guaranteed for a period of two years.
If you wish to learn more about the loft conversion process please visit the Step By Step photographic walkthrough of a loft conversion we recently carried out in Dublin (text will be available soon).


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