Home Extensions

Everyone dreams of living in the perfect house, the one that suits their needs at every level. Making the dream come true, however, is another matter entirely. You can wait until that elusive, affordable ideal home turns up in the use extension photoproperty pages or real-estate listings, you can adapt what you have as best you can – or you can take matters into you own hands and convert what you already have. There is simply no better way of bridging the gap between dreams and reality.

With Dublin Renovations extending your house need not cost you a fortune.

OurĀ  Home Extensions team will be happy to guide you through the building planning application stage making the procedure easy to understand and stress free. Our house extensions specialists provide you with a detailed building specification and price prior to works commencing.

Dublin Renovations have experience in building house extensions from start to finish, inside and outside and are able to take on any challenge – from split level rooms to garage conversions.

If you are considering a home extension, structural alterations, building foundations, building conservatory feel free to contact us. We will meet with you at your home to discuss your requirements in detail. We then advise you on any technical planning or building regulation matters.

Visit our online gallery to see the home extensions in Dublin.

For advice or to request a free quotation, please contact us using our enquiry form or call us on the number provided on the Contacts page.