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Aesthetically pleasing and energy-saving composite doors with superior technical parameters

LED lighting in the door leaf, an innovative PVC door frame with Real Wood decoration, a patented system of structural bonding of glazing with countless design and decoration options, and a unique combination in the on non-rebated on both sides version doors from the Ultimate line – this is just one example of the extensive range created by our R&D department.
Satisfaction from a well-performed mission and continuous participation in setting new trends is a priceless value for us.

The VIKKING brand is synonymous with bespoke joinery. Despite the global trend of product standardization, we are proud to be one of the few brands which offer tailor-made products. We design every composite door and Real Wood window taking into account the most sophisticated expectations so that you can enjoy a reliable product for decades.
We have combined advanced technology and innovative solutions with attention to every detail. Each window and door stands out with precision, quality and optimal functionality, without any compromises in terms of durability and comfort of use characteristic of exclusive products.

Share your dreams with us, choose from our extensive range of the highest quality door handles and other accessories –
we will compose them with the utmost care. Our advanced remote-control systems and SMART HOME integration installations will increase your safety and comfort of use.

The ULTIMATE door line – the leaf and frame connection is flush on both sides, and the whole product is made of composite materials. This innovative solution allows meeting even the most non-standard needs. The wide range of answers, sizes, and fittings and the attractive appearance of hidden hinges ensure unique aesthetic values, quality and long-term, maintenance-free durability. ULTIMATE doors are valued for their modern and elegant minimalism.

Because of the highest quality and durability of doors, regardless of the statutory requirements for consumer rights protection, the manufacturer provides an extended warranty for trouble-free operation. You can enjoy up to 25 years of manufacturer warranty – this is an undeniable advantage of a composite door system that wood or metal cannot ensure (ask us for details and T&Cs)



A unique decoration system is the object of international patent protection. PVC surface decoration in RW technology eliminate veneering profiles necessity and ensures durability for years. Real Wood windows do not require expensive maintenance, unlike wooden windows.

Innovative idea

During operation in the facilities, Wooden products are vulnerable to many threats from the destructive effect of moisture on the hygroscopic wood construction. From here, the idea was born of decorating the surface of PVC profiles, providing them with the aesthetics of fine wood, and eliminating the effects and inconvenience caused by the use of wood.

Innovative technology

Decorated PVC profiles using Real Wood technology, unlike wood, do not require any special care to protect against the weather. Any coating repairs are also possible in the facility where windows are already mounted.

Innovative design

The proprietary international patent protection protects an innovative design, so you will not find windows like these anywhere


windows vikking

Terrace doors and windows systems:

  • Tilt-turn

    the ability to use hinges discreetly in the neutral rebate or magnetic sensor to monitor the position of windows, climate control and operation of the hood and cooperating the alarm system.

  • Tilt and slide

    comfortably system duoPort SK for large glazing, compatible with the latest trends. It ensures smooth operation and the possibility of increasing resistance to burglary.

  • Retract and slide

    System duoPort PAS sliding doors gives a new dimension of functionality. The parallel withdrawal wings of the frame enable natural, energy-efficient

  • HST lift and slide

    possibility of the construction of a total width of 6 meters. Turing ergonomic handle down, the closed position, lift the wing a few millimetres, release pressure seals and the ability to move the wings freely. They move without any resistance to each other or to the unopened portion of the structure.


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